A tragic place on the best days – Mandy’s Story

May 28, 2021

The Pandemic has affected our day-to-day lives and impacted how many families and individuals have coped with grief and tragedy. In this episode, Mandy, a Pediatric ICU nurse, and future psychiatric nurse practitioner, discusses her decision to postpone her degree and remain at her patient’s bedsides and not abandon her colleagues during this tumultuous time. Growing up with physicians as parents, she delves into the severity of provider burnout from a first-hand perspective. Additionally, as a pediatric ICU Nurse, Mandy provides a unique perspective on how the COVID-19 Pandemic has affected the ability of families to deal with and process the already incomprehensible grief associated with having or losing a child. Her story details the importance of adapting our habits to show compassion and care to ourselves and others when we need it most. In a special episode for The Quell Foundation, Mandy is a Quell scholar and a shining example of what we can expect from the next generation of mental health providers.

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