Get To Know Doug Monda and Survive First

July 20, 2023

Doug Monda, Founder of Survive First, will be joining The Quell Foundation Board of Directors, bringing his extensive experience in supporting first responders’ mental health. 

Doug spent 17 years in law enforcement with the Cocoa Police Department as a S.W.A.T. team leader and undercover narcotics agent. In 2017, Doug retired after a decorated career. 

Shortly after retiring, Doug and his wife Karen founded Survive First. Survive First strives to take the “no” out of getting help by providing peer support, education, and funding for treatment. 

“Survive First was founded after dealing with my own struggles with post-traumatic stress, depression, and anxiety, which led to a suicide attempt in 2013,” said Doug Monda. “After entering treatment in 2014, I learned that I had been patient brokered to a facility that did not have the means to treat first responders and the cumulative trauma that is experienced in the career.  I realized there was a need in our industry to take much better care of our brothers and sisters in public safety, with integrity and empathy.”

On the daily, Doug gets calls from first responders in crisis. “To see those who put their lives on the line daily, feel as though they cannot ask for help because they fear repercussions from the department is something that has to change,” said Doug. 

Survive First strives for change, and every day they make that happen. No first responder should ever feel embarrassed, be afraid to ask for help or have fear of repercussions at work. After coming back to work from treatment, Doug won Officer of The Year for his department. 

“The merger between Survive First and the Quell Foundation will enable us to expand our reach to first responders around the nation and bring more trusted resources to the industry,” said Doug Monda. “Together we will be saving lives.”

In his free time, Doug enjoys spending time with his family, swimming, kayaking, and traveling. He also enjoys spending time with his service dog Ash. 

The Quell Foundation is very excited about the merger and welcomes both Doug and Karen to the Quell Family.