Vlad Radu

Senior Video Editor

Vlad has spent his whole life telling stories and discovered his passion for cinema at an early age filming short skits and movies with his brother. He pursued his love of film throughout college, majoring in Cinema and Media Studies at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania with minors in Theatre, with a concentration in Directing, and Fine Arts, with a concentration in Photography.

After graduating, Vlad began working for MOD Worldwide, a close partner of the Foundation. This is where he discovered The Quell Foundation and our mission to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. While working for MOD, Vlad volunteered his time to our cause and worked on promotional materials for our Masquerade Balls, the 9/11 Ride of Hope, the First Responders Sound the Alarm documentary, and more. After honing and developing his craft, Vlad directed the First Responder Resilience Project Training Program, and soon after, joined team Quell driven by his desire to use film as a medium to lend a voice to the stories of a stigmatized community.