Kevin M. Lynch


Kevin’s career as a public servant began as a twelve-year veteran of the United States Naval Submarine Force, where he worked onboard many nuclear-powered vessels.

When an unfortunate injury ended his military career, Kevin chose the healthcare sector to continue his commitment to caring for and fighting for, others in their time of need.

After he served his country, Kevin invested more than 16 years in the private sector, advancing his career as a member of senior management teams at three hospital systems (Miami Heart Institute, University Hospital, & JFK Medical Center). Kevin also spent an additional five years of his career at HCA’s East Florida Division Office, as a member of the managed care team. That experience brought him even closer to the provider community and the challenges they face in building future talent in the mental health profession. Kevin has extensive experience in healthcare contracting, financial modeling, business optimization, and operations management.

Kevin’s drive to create a paradigm shift in the care and treatment of people who have a mental illness stems from the knowledge he gained and relationships he built while researching his graduate thesis, “Mental Health in Massachusetts: A De facto Criminal Offense.” His research acknowledged that the rates of suicide, opioid addiction, overdose, and incarceration directly correlate to the shortage and lack of access to mental health professionals.

In 2015, Kevin created The Quell Foundation with a mission to reduce the number of suicides, overdoses, and incarcerations of people with mental health illness.

“I formed The Quell Foundation because I believe we have the power to change the conversations about mental health and ignite true change that will benefit people all across our country. Plus, this is even bigger than the millions suffering from a mental health condition, because we must also work to assist the families and care support systems that are doing their best to help the people they love.”

In June 2016, Kevin was invited to speak at The White House during the “Making Health Care Better” series on mental health. His participation as a member of Panel II: Deepening the Conversation on Mental Health catapulted The Quell Foundation into the national spotlight. More recently, Kevin delivered the commencement address to the Pennsylvania State University Health college of Health and Human Development.

Since June 2016, The Foundation has distributed over one million dollars to students attending nearly 400 universities and colleges in 47 different states across the country. During the current scholarship cycle, The Foundation’s students represent 378 different post-secondary schools and 435 scholarships distributed, totaling $463,750. The 2019-20 scholarship cycle denotes the most significant distribution amount for The Foundation since its creation.

Kevin holds a Masters degree in Healthcare Policy and Administration from Pennsylvania State University, and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Lynn University, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. He is a lifetime member of the Disabled American Veterans and the United States Submarine Veterans Association. He lives in Falmouth, Massachusetts with his wife Karen and their dog Kaymus.